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Audio Engineering Schools in the US

The United States has a wealth of opportunities for those looking to study audio engineering in the USA. Sound production courses available include both accredited and non-accredited course selections, audio engineering courses for beginners, sound production courses for professionals, and a variety of other opportunities.

Recording arts schools in America have a long and well respected tradition of outstanding instruction in all facets of sound production.

Below is a list of some of the most recognized audio production schools in America.

University of Hartford -
Hartt School of Department of Music Production and Technology (Hartford, Connecticut)

University of Hartford -
Ward School of Technology (Hartford, Connecticut)

University of New Haven -
Visual and Performing Arts

SAE Institute (Miami)

Audio Recording Institute (Orlando)

New England School of Communications

Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts (Virginia)

Omega Studio's School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences (Rockville)

Parsons Center for Audio Studies (Wellesley)

Berkley College of Music (Boston)

Fits and Starts Productions, LLC (New Jersey)

Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York (New York)

Institute of Audio Research (New York)

The Art Institute of New York City (New York)

Barton College (North Carolina)

Radford University -
Center for Music Technology (Virginia)

University of South Carolina (Columbia)

Students seeking funding assistance should review all information offered by the school of their choice, and should contact admissions for further information.